Health and Nutrition

Health Coaching is a unique, exciting innovation in health and nutrition.  It is a dynamic partnership between coach and client that helps people move toward a healthier lifestyle.  As your health coach, I will use both innovative and practical strategies to help you clarify what you want, explore the different options, enhance personal accountability and take action for a healthier, stronger you.

Who Would Benefit from having a Health Coach:

    1. Anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy, sustaining way.
    2. Anyone who believes he/she is eating right and exercising, but is not seeing the number on the scale move?
    3. Anyone who has sustained an injury or illness and the doctor has told him/her they  need to exercise and eat right, but they don’t know where to start.


Benefits of Having a Health Coach

      1. It give you with a knowledgeable advisor to provide guidance and support on your road to a healthier life.
      2. It helps you establish a comprehensive, safe exercise program.
      3. It helps you understand how to establish a healthier way of eating.
      4. It helps you to stay motivated.
      5. It helps you to overcome both mental and physical barriers on your road to a healthier life.
      6. It provides you with an advisor on how to establish a comprehensive exercise program after you have sustained an injury or illness.
      7. It provides you with an advisor to help you overcome the stresses of life.
      8. It provides you with a “cheerleader” on your road to a healthier, happier life.

****All meetings can be via phone, Skype or over a cup of coffee****

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