Private Pilates Sessions

Class IconThere are great benefits to receiving private Pilates sessions compared to attending group sessions.  Private sessions allow the client to have a more customized plan modified for their needs rather than the basic general plan offered in a group class.

If you are new to Pilates or have an injury you are still recovering from, it is strongly recommended that you schedule a few private sessions before joining a group class.

ABS Pilates offers 30 and 60-minute private Pilates sessions



Semi-Private Pilates Sessions

Class IconSemi-private Pilates is a bit more economical and can be a lot more fun.  Shared by 2-3 individuals, these sessions provide more personalized attention compared to the group classes.  These sessions are customized to the needs of you and your partner, so it is strongly recommended that you chose a partner that has a similar Pilates experience as you.

ABS Pilates offers 60-minute semi-private sessions.




Our Pilates Plans

30 Minute Private Pilates Sessions

1 – 30 minute session:           $55
5 –  30 minute sessions:        $175 ($35ps)

60 Minute Private Pilates Sessions

1 – 60 minute session:           $80
5 –  60 minute sessions:        $265 ($53ps)

60 Minute Semi Private Pilates Sessions (2-3 People, Price is per person)

1 – 60 minute session:           $55 per person
5 –  60 minute sessions:        $175pp ($35ps)

Schedule a Private or Semi Private Appointment

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Once you schedule your private session you must prepurchase a plan prior to your appointment.

60 Minute Semi Private Pilates Sessions
60 Minute Private Sessions
30 Minute Private Sessions