Private Pilates

Pilates is an amazing form of exercise, versatile enough to meet the needs of the most deconditioned or the most athletic.  It is a great way to cross train for your sport or to get started on your path to a healthier life style.


ABS Pilates offers many options to meet the needs of all of its clients.  It offers:

1. Private Pilates Sessions

2. Semi-Private Sessions accommodating 2-3 clients

3. Small Group Pilates equipment classes


Scheduling a Private Pilates session is an ideal for:

1. Anyone new to Pilates

2. Anyone recovering from an injury

3. Anyone who lives with chronic pain daily

4. Anyone looking for that one-on-one attention

5. Anyone looking to build strength and flexibility quickly


Some of the benefits of scheduling one-on-one Private Pilates sessions include:

1. A customized Pilates workout that is designed especially for your.

2. Seeing faster results.

3. It is more convenient to schedule a time that works for you, rather than having to work around another clients schedule or sticking to a pre-set class schedule.

4. A private Pilates session is more adaptable to the needs of individuals recovering from an injury, training for a sport or those dealing with chronic pain.

5. An individual will be challenged with detailed supervision, which will accelerate his/her progress to a deeper, more advanced level, safely


Tips for optimizing your Private Pilates sessions:

1. Schedule 2 times per week

2. Come consistently for your appointments.

3. Don’t hesitate to share your goals with your instructor.

4. Make sure you share your limitations or medical concerns with your instructor.

5. Arrive on time so you can fully enjoy “the best hour of your day”.


****Contact ABS Pilates today and start feeling stronger, taller…better tomorrow!****