The majority of us know someone who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. But
many of us dismiss this disease because many times is is not a painful disease until
it is quite advanced. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone that makes a person’s
bones weak and more likely to break. It is often called a “silent disease” because you
cannot feel your bones becoming weaker. You may not even know you have
osteoporosis until after you break a bone.

So, if you receive a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia, don’t dismiss it, do something about it!

First and foremost, make sure you consult your physician regarding diet, exercise and a plan of care.

Studies show that exercise is extremely important in building bone strength but there are forms of exercise that are more important than others.

If you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia, it is important to integrate three types of exercise into your routine:

1. Weight bearing exercises – Walking, Running, Squats, Lunges
2. Strength-Training Exercises – Lifting weights, Push Ups, Pilates Tower classes
3. Posture Awareness Exercises – The better your posture is, the less likely you are to place stress on soft bones.

While there are great forms of exercise choices to improve your bone growth, Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for the following reasons:

1. It improves your posture. The better your posture is means the less abnormal and potentially detrimental
stress is placed on your spine.
2. Pilates is a form of strength training which can improve bone health.
3. Pilates is a full body workout, so you are strengthening the body from top to bottom.
4. Many Pilates exercises are considered weight-bearing exercises which studies show weight-bearing exercises can improve bone health.

ABS Pilates of Sunbury, Ohio is now offering Pilates classes designed to improve bone strength both in studio and online. This class is called BUILDING STRONGER BONES PILATES. This Pilates class incorporates weight-bearing exercises, strength training and posture awareness exercises designed to improve the strength of your bones.

ABS Pilates of In Studio is is offered on Tuesdays at 11:30am sign up at and look for the “In Studio” sign up.

You can also try this class ONLINE….sign up at….look for the “Online Mat Pilates” sign up!

ABS Pilates is located in Sunbury, Ohio. It services the Sunbury, New Albany, Gahanna, Westerville, Johnstown and Columbus areas.

ABS Pilates offers in-studio Mat and Equipment-based Pilates for all levels of fitness.

ABS Pilates offers Online Mat Pilates for all levels of fitness.

All classes are taught by Amanda B. Smith, licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor with more than 30 years of experience.


Amanda Smith - Licensed Physical Therapist, certified Pilates instructor, ACE certified Group Exercise Instructor, ACE certified Health Coach, Certified McKenzie Therapist. Ready to help you become stronger and healthier in a safe, fun and holistic manner.