What is a Pilates Barre Class

A Barre class at ABS Pilates is definitely a class not to be missed. It is a fun, ballet-inspired, full body workout set to the beat of the music. This energetic class uses tons of booty-lifting ballet moves designed to be challenging, inspiring and leave participants feeling sexy, strong and ready for more. Many of the exercises in this class incorporates the ballet barre, bands, balls and lots of energy.

There are many benefits of taking a Barre class at ABS Pilates. Just a few of those benefits include:

  • Building amazing strength in all the muscles of lower body, including your legs, butt and calves.
  • Improving your posture.
  • Improving your balance.
  • Strengthening your core and arms.

Barre Classes

Taking a Barre class at ABS Pilates is a great workout to add to your routine. It is fun, energetic and challenging. Sign up for your first class today and feel stronger, taller, better tomorrow!