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Spring is Here!  Time to Get in Shape with some help from ABS Pilates Studio !

So spring in Columbus has finally arrived! The sun is shining and flowers are blooming. It is time to play golf, play tennis and work on that garden. What are you doing now to get in shape for all the activities that comes with the warmer temps?

Did you know that what you do today determines how you feel tomorrow? Today is the day you build the strength you will need tomorrow! What is your plan to have a wonderful spring and summer season?

Well now is the time to get off the couch, shed that winter coat and get busy! ABS Pilates of Columbus, Ohio can help you get ready for what is typically a more active time of year.

Pilates Classes

ABS Pilates Studio of Columbus, Ohio offers the following services to get you ready:

Private Pilates Sessions on the Reformer, the Tower, the Mat and the ExoChair
Semi-Private Pilates Sessions on the Reformer, the Tower, the Mat and the ExoChair
Drop-In Equipment classes on the Reformer, the Tower and the Barre
Health Coaching to get your eating and exercise routine on track

All Pilates classes, sessions and coaching is lead by Amanda B. Smith, a licensed physical therapist, certified group exercise instructor, certified Pilates instructor and certified Health Coach with more than 25 years of experience. So if you have special medical needs such at back problems, neck problems, total knee replacement, scoliosis or osteoporosis, you are in the right place. Amanda has the knowledge and expertise to create a program to meet your health and wellness goals.

Contact ABS Pilates of Columbus, Ohio today and be ready for spring and summer tomorrow!

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith - Licensed Physical Therapist, certified Pilates instructor, ACE certified Group Exercise Instructor, ACE certified Health Coach, Certified McKenzie Therapist. Ready to help you become stronger and healthier in a safe, fun and holistic manner.