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ABS Pilates of  Sunbury, Ohio is now offering early-morning classes beginning in October, 2017!

Are you an early bird?

Do you find it is hard to get your workout in later in the day?  And you really wish you could find an early morning Pilates class?

Well, look no further ABS Pilates is here to help you stand taller and be stronger all day long!

Beginning in October, we will be offering a:

*****Reformer Pilates class at 6am on Mondays

*****Tower class at 6am on Fridays

Perfect way to start AND end your week off right.

You say it is hard to get out of bed at such an early hour?  Well here are some of the benefits of working out early in the morning:

  1. Working out increases your mental clarity for up to 10 hours post-exercise.  It wakes up your mind and prepares your body for the day.
  2. Working out in the morning decreases the chances that your work or family obligations interfere with your time to get stronger and healthier. For example, if you exercise in the evening you run the risk of being late from work, feeling overloaded with errands that must be done, or saddled with other unexpected to-do items. There goes your workout.
  3. It helps you develop a strong discipline and routine.  I always tell people the hardest part of working out in the morning is putting your feet on the floor when the FIRST alarm goes off.
  4. Morning exercise not only improves the length of sleep you will enjoy, but also your quality of sleep by promoting deeper sleep cycles.  Evening exercise can actually have the opposite effect. Exercise is a form of stress, and your body reacts to stress by releasing hormones including adrenaline. Would you take a shot of adrenaline and then expect to fall asleep soon after? (makeyourbodywork.com)
  5. Improved quality of life…..You have created a strong habit of morning exercise, your metabolism is flowing, your body is looking and feeling better, you’re sleeping well at night, and your mind is as sharp as ever.


OK so I have your attention and maybe you are THINKING about becoming an early morning exerciser.  Here are some tips to make sure you are successful in becoming that early-bird worker-outer….

  1. Get everything set the night before – set out your clothes, shoes, keys, water bottle, Pilates mat….the night before.  If it is ready to go when that alarm goes off you are more likely to go.  And if you sleep in instead, it will be that guilty reminder of what you didn’t do when you finally get up….hopefully guilting you into an early morning workout the next day.
  2. Move your alarm far away from your bed so you have to actually get up to shut it off.  Therefore, forcing you to conquer the hardest part of working out in the morning.
  3. Get up the FIRST time your alarm goes off….don’t set it to snooze 3 times before you actually have to get up.  First your spouse will be annoyed with the constant interruption of his REM cycle and your motivation level deteriorates with every snooze you  hit.
  4. Do NOT check your email or texts before you go to exercise.  I know from experience, if you check your email or texts before your class or exercise session, that will be what is on your mind.  You may convince yourself that you need to address that email first.  No you don’t….it can wait until 7am.  You were going to be sleeping anyway, so do NOT check.  Give yourself that one-hour to truly focus on yourself.
  5. Reward yourself…..I always prep my coffee before I workout, so it is there waiting for me when I am done…a great reward to myself for the effort I put in.  But do not reward yourself with that “extra whip” or the blueberry pop tart….that will defeat the purpose.


Remember….it all starts with you.  Make the commitment and prepare for it.  Your mind and body will thank you for it.

ABS Pilates is here to help.  Go online at www.a-b-s-pilates.com and sign up for your early classes now.

ABS Pilates is a specialized Pilates Studio servicing Sunbury, Columbus, New Albany, Gahanna, Westerville and the surrounding areas.  ABS Pilates offers classes, private Pilates and Semi-Private Pilates.  All classes are taught by Amanda B. Smith, licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, McKenzie Certified Therapist and ACE certified group exercise instructor with more than 25 years of experience.

ABS Pilates specializes in providing services to the most deconditioned and the most athletic.


Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith - Licensed Physical Therapist, certified Pilates instructor, ACE certified Group Exercise Instructor, ACE certified Health Coach, Certified McKenzie Therapist. Ready to help you become stronger and healthier in a safe, fun and holistic manner.