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ABS Pilates….All Levels of Classes…
Which One Should You Choose?

ABS Pilates is a specialized Pilates studio in Sunbury, Ohio. ABS Pilates offers a wide range of Pilates classes to meet the needs and levels of all participants. ABS Pilates offers beginner classes for those new to Pilates or those recovering from an injury or illness. ABS Pilates offers intermediate and advanced classes for individuals who are familiar with Pilates and are looking for a great workout.

Pilates Class Schedule

When looking at the ABS Pilates class schedule, how do you decide what is the most appropriate class to meet your needs and goals?

Here is a little description of each class so you can decide which is the best class for you:

1. Reformer – This is an intermediate Pilates equipment class using the most common piece of Pilates equipment, the Universal Reformer. In this class, participants will experience a full-body workout designed to improve posture awareness, core strength, flexibility and muscle balance in the the entire body. This class flows from one exercise to the next, stimulating real-life body movements. You will leave feeling stronger and taller than you arrived.

2. Tower – This is a beginner to intermediate Pilates equipment class using the Tower. In the class, participants will build full-body strength from head to toe. Whether participants are new to Pilates and relatively active or participants are veterans to the Pilates method, this is a great class to really improve your strength, flexibility and body awareness. You will definitely “feel the muscles working”.

3. Restorative Reformer – This is a beginner Pilates equipment class using the most common piece of Pilates equipment, the Universal Reformer. It is designed for participants who are new to Pilates, returning from an injury or illness or simply want a slower-paced class. The class flows using slow, focused movements designed to improve your flexibility, balance and posture awareness. It will truly restore your mind and body.

4. Pilates Playground – This is a Mat-based Pilates class using a variety of “toys”, such as the Pilates ring, foam rollers, balls, the Arc and a variety of resistive bands. This Pilates class is appropriate for individuals familiar with Mat Pilates who do not have a problem getting up and down off the floor. It is designed to improve core strength, flexibility, posture awareness, balance and functional strength.

5. Jumpboard/Reformer – This is an intermediate to advanced Pilates class using the most common piece of Pilates equipment, the Universal Reformer. This class is a fun, invigorating interval class, cycling between 3-5 minutes of plyometric jumping exercises on the Reformer and 3-5 minutes of strengthening and flexibility exercises. It will get you heart pumping and your muscles stronger. Sign up for this Pilates class if you are injury-free and familiar with Pilates.

6. Barre/PowerArc – This is an actively-paced, fun class using the Pilates principles and the Barre. For the first 40 minutes, participants will work all the muscles of the legs, core and arms to fun, up-beat music. The last 15 minutes of the class uses the Pilates Arc to focus the work on the core. It improves spinal strength and flexibility. Definitely a class that will leave you feeling energetic and ready for more.

7. Pilates Equipment Playground – This intermediate Pilates class is an interval class utilizing all the Pilates equipment including the Reformer, the Tower and the Exo-Chair. Participants cycle through each of the 3 pieces of equipment in 20 minute intervals. Definitely a great class to experience all the types of Pilates equipment. It will work the body from head to toe.

ABS Pilates of Sunbury, Ohio offers these classes throughout the week for your convenience. Here is the schedule:

Mondays – 6am Reformer
Mondays – 11am Pilates Playground/PowerArc
Tuesdays – 9am Reformer
Tuesdays – 6:30pm Reformer
Wednesdays – 9:30am Tower
Thursdays – 7pm Restorative Reformer
Fridays – 6am Tower
Fridays – 8am Pilates Equipment Playground
Fridays – 9:30am Reformer
Fridays – 11am Tower
Saturdays – 8am Reformer
Saturdays – 9:30am Jumpboard/Reformer
Saturdays – 11:45am Restorative Reformer
Sundays – 4pm Barre/PowerArc

All classes are open to 6-7 participants. All classes are $20 per class or 5 classes for $85.

Sign up can be through MINDBODY Online or through the ABS Pilates website

ABS Pilates of Sunbury, Ohio is a specialized Pilates studio servicing the central Ohio areas including but not limited to Sunbury, Galena, Westerville, Gahanna, New Albany and Columbus. ABS Pilates offers a variety of classes to meet the needs of all individuals. All classes at ABS Pilates are lead by Amanda B. Smith, licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, certified McKenzie therapist and ACE certified group exercise instructor with more than 25 years of experience.

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Amanda Smith - Licensed Physical Therapist, certified Pilates instructor, ACE certified Group Exercise Instructor, ACE certified Health Coach, Certified McKenzie Therapist. Ready to help you become stronger and healthier in a safe, fun and holistic manner.